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Welcome to my humble abode.

I'm a full stack software engineer and I've spent the last few years working at different sized companies, across various industries. These have included crafting user experiences at a genealogy company, porting back-end code at a particle physics lab, and prototyping bots at a bank. I've also been fortunate enough to do some product development work, teach at my old university, as well as having spent some time organising hackathons. You can read more about them here.

More recently I've worked at two early stage startups, and did some work in the public sector. These days, I work as a contractor while trying my hand at a few personal projects which I'll share more about as I go.

But my interests go beyond tech, and this personal site likely won't be restricted to just topics about tech. If you're interested or have experience in economics, history, sociology or politics, feel free to reach out or follow. I'm always keen to increase my knowledge in various non-tech topics so reading recommendations are always welcome.