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Setting up your Go environment

Installing Go is pretty straightforward, you can just download it for your system from the go website []. Mac OS users can also use brew, and Windows users can also use chocolatey. In both cases, Go should be installed in the correct location and put into the

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Notes on Haskell

These are notes from my lectures at university augmented with some online and textbook reading. They’re unfinished but they’ve been sitting in my drafts so I thought I’d publish them in case others find them useful. > Surely there must be a less primitive way of making big

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December '15

Thankfully, its been a productive month or two. WordPress -> Ghost. Initially, my website was built entirely on WordPress. I've always liked WP, but I wanted to try out this Ghost thing people had been talking about. It looked really good (huge fan of minimalism) and I'd wanted to split