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Work-Based Project: The Beginning

Yosuf Ali
1 min read

I'm due to begin my Work Based project in a couple of months, once my January exams are done, where I have to build something for my employer as part of my degree. Though I have an idea of what the project will be on, I'm yet to formally agree with my manager on it and submit my proposal to the module leader. What I do know though, is that it will be web based. Which means, getting back into JavaScript.

I like JavaScript, I just haven't used it for a while and need a good refresh. I've been planning on getting back into JS for a while so this will just give me a great opportunity without having to actually use time outside of my studies to learn it, which I've been doing for Android development, since it'll technically contribute to one of my modules.

I'm also going to need a server-side scripting language, and initially, I settled on PHP. Its what I knew. But then I considered the fact that I was planning on getting into Python as soon as (this initially meant after this project) as my go to scripting language. Since practice makes perfect, it made sense to just get into Python now, to use this project as an opportunity to get good at it, and then use it thereafter for whatever.

I've been using Udacity's Android development course recently, which they co-created with Google, and it's gone really well. Though I enjoy the platform, my Android adventures are currently on hold, while I get my hands dirty with web development. I prefer playing with the back end. But being a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to design, I thought I'd start with their Front End Dev courses. So far, they seem very promising.