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climbing Scafell Pike

Every year, charity week [] is held all over the world in order to raise money for the less fortunate. Students at universities across the UK (and the world) try to do their part by holding events throughout the week to raise money. At City, we set up

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teaching at university

I only recently realised it's been a very long time since I last I last posted a piece. Almost a year. I was going to put a lot of content into this one post, but I thought it'd be better to separate them out. I guess it's been an interesting

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December '15

Thankfully, its been a productive month or two. WordPress -> Ghost. Initially, my website was built entirely on WordPress. I've always liked WP, but I wanted to try out this Ghost thing people had been talking about. It looked really good (huge fan of minimalism) and I'd wanted to split

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We have this unfortunate habit called small talk. When you're with your friends, or at a social gathering, you tend to have a laugh, and talk about a bunch of stuff. Usually though, if you're asked only a few days later what you spoke about, you most likely wouldn't remember.

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the mind: a universe

I’ve always enjoyed physics, particularly studying space and the universe in general. It’s quite mind boggling to imagine the universe that we live in being infinite in size. Never ending, no edges. You could just keep on going forever, discovering different things in different directions and never getting

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can we stop dumbing kids down

We as ‘adults’ often have individual norms that have been created as a result of multiple factors including our social norms. Somewhere along our timelines, we may have been told we were capable of doing difficult things, or we were incapable. We may have been exposed to difficult challenges and