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the mind: a universe

Yosuf Ali
1 min read

I’ve always enjoyed physics, particularly studying space and the universe in general. It’s quite mind boggling to imagine the universe that we live in being infinite in size. Never ending, no edges. You could just keep on going forever, discovering different things in different directions and never getting bored. At least according to one theory.

I like to liken our minds to this theory of the universe, infinite in its depth. When you think about the ideas and the concepts that we as humans have been able to come up with, they’re equally as mind blowing as the size of the universe. The very fact that the fields of mathematics, physics, technology, psychology, medicine, and the arts among others, are as advanced as they are today is a testament to how great our minds are. The poems, the literature, the simple yet not so simple ideas.

Think about all the things you’ve ever thought about, the ideas you’ve had, the things you’ve achieved as a result of using your mind. More importantly, think about the potential that you alone have if you were to utilise your mind’s strength and depth.

I just think it’s amazing how we walk past maybe thousands of people daily, on our way to university, school or work; people with minds as deep, filled with thoughts and full of potential as our own, thousands of universes in their own rights, yet don’t see any of it.

We should question each other more about anything and everything. Find people who share your passions and thought waves and converse. You may be surprised at the ideas and thoughts that bubble to the surface.